Past Exhibit

Kaffeine, Bathurst, NB.


Bay of Chaleur Symposium de la Baie des Chaleurs 2019



The rat pack and classics

Creating my “Forgotten faces” collection made me realize a few things. One, I knew I wanted to keep painting portraits. And second, I fell in love with painting in monochrome colours. I’m not sure why. Typically, I paint in colour, but with monochrome, I enjoy the contrast between light and dark. Choosing monochrome photos, a vintage-style photograph, gives a sense of going back in time, re-creating the essence from that era.

Why the Rat pack? One of the owners of Four Rivers, René, invited me to exhibit my art in their facility. I was happy to do so, except I needed a new collection. He suggested I paint his favorite. The Rat pack. And so “The Rat pack and classics” was born. As simple as that.





“Forgotten faces” was an exhibit featuring selected pieces from the works of “The North American Indian” by the 19th century photographer Edward S. Curtis.  This small collection of paintings was created to celebrate and illustrate the foresight that Edward S. Curtis had in his time.

His mission was to photograph as many First Nations Peoples and their ways of life -as he saw them disappearing before his eyes- by the colonization and assimilation with the non-stop waves of European immigrants and industrialization that was moving west at a fast pace.

Artist Janine Daigle, also inspired by the beauty and cultures of the First Nations Peoples recognized the importance of Edward S. Curtis’s works. Though some of his images are over a hundred years old, the resolution truly is a snapshot in history capturing the moment as if it was yesterday. This collection is to honour the people in these images, some whom are famous, and others who were forgotten.


“Les visages oubliés” est une exposition présentant des pièces sélectionnées des oeuvres de “The North American Indian” par Edward S. Curtis, photographe du 19ème siècle. Cette petite collection de tableaux a été créée pour célébrer et illustrer la prévoyance qu’Edward S. Curtis avait à son époque.

Sa mission fut de photographier les peuples des Premières Nations et leurs modes de vie – alors qu’il les voyait disparaître devant ses yeux – par la colonisation et l’assimilation avec les vagues d’immigrants européens et l’industrialisation qui se déplaçait dans l’ouest à un rythme rapide.

L’artiste Janine Daigle, inspirée par la beauté et les cultures des Premières Nations, reconnaît l’importance des œuvres d’Edward S. Curtis. Bien que certaines de ses images ont plus de cent ans, elle donne un cliché instantané de l’histoire. Cette collection a pour but de rendre hommage les personnes dans ces images, certaines célèbres et d’autres qui ont été oubliées.