Rewind on Life

C’est une longue histoire.

I was born, i grew up with a great family, went to school, played golf, made some friends, got my licence, went to university, backpacked, played some more sports, bought a car, did my Masters, worked, dated, worked some more, bought a house, got my heart broken, got another job, sold my house, moved in a different city, got my heart broken again, met some new people, broke some hearts, changed career, learned hidden talents, tried new sports….

You live…you learn. At least, I did. Some people just accept the routine. They are bored, are unhappy, and spend their days complaining about life, but they accept that it’s like that; work, eat, sleep, and then you die.

I believe there’s more to it than that. I won’t accept living the life like how chutes pabineau 225society thinks it should go. My journey to today has made me learn a lot about myself, and it has brought me to where I am today. Aucun regrets, seulement des leçons de vie. Des expériences. No regrets, only experiences and life’s lessons. Looking back, I am starting to understand and connect the dots together. Those going forward are still in the unknown for the time being. However, I know the best is yet to come, because I am moving forward with such a different perspective on life.  It’s scary, weird, but it’s awesome!

And it’s only the beginning….

~2012 prior to selling my business and embarking in a cruise ship journey~

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