If you feel like crying. Cry! You might find clarity and new light behind these tears. 

“Be still. Listen”, oil on canvas, , 11×14,

 If you feel like dancing, dance! don’t wait for the music, because that moment might pass.
If you feel the urge to write, put everything else aside, sit down and write. Because those thoughts too, might pass.

If you feel like telling someone you care for them, say it or make that call. It might just be this moment they need to lift up their day. 

If you don’t feel like going somewhere, then don’t go. Nobody’s forcing you. The choice is always yours. 

Quit ignoring or hiding these feelings. Stop convincing yourself to act against your true ‘knowing’. Nevermind the “shoulds” or “have tos” or what others might think. Honor those feelings you have NOW, in this moment. Feelings are wonderful. They make us alive. They make you who YOU are. Honoring them removes masks that are hiding your true self. They open doors to new opportunities. 
So cry, and honor your SELF. 

Be true to YOU. Live it. Feel it. 


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