A poem…


There are infinite paths to choose,

And I have chosen many.

I have slammed into dead ends,

Twisted through turning trails that ended at lost,

Followed other’s routes to eventually realize they weren’t mine,

Even dared to venture into the great unknown,

Where writing a new way,

Was the only way.

But of all the countless roads I wandered,

Endless directions I explored,

And limitless possibilities I could have taken,

There is one thing I have come to know:

No matter what surrounds me,

Lies ahead or behind me,

Or who is beside me,

It’s what is happening in me,

That will shine a guiding light,

Conquer the journey,

And land me victorious after any travel.

Because perfection comes,

not when you’re watching golden sun sets over paradise,

But when you have grown,


At peace,


~Leah Fortner

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