18 in 31

This one comes with a brain fart story… or dumb blond moment, whichever you prefer. 😜

Upon finishing this frog.. which i’ll reveal the name in a moment… i texted one of my friends. Here’s our conversation:

Me: “Wanna have a sneak peak of today’s painting, inspired by our conversation we had earlier?”
Friend: “Lol, for real? Yea absolutely 👀!”
I sent her a picture to which she replied:
Friend: “How the f** did you get a blue frog from our conversation??!”
Me (with full confidence): “i said i wanted to be a hermit”
Friend: « … »
Me: « Hermit the frog… »
Friend: I would’ve drew a hermit crab under water or a beach
Me: « … »
Me again… « ohhhh, it’s KERMIT the frog. Oops. »
My bf is so proud of me right now.

So may i present you Hermit the frog.

Hermit the frog, 8×8, acrylic, 2023

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