As I approach your ora
A sense of peace & gratitude washes over me
Welcomed by the four legged and winged one’s orchestra
This sacred place is where one can simply BE
Mother earth’s soft melting ground
Father sun’s warmth rays piercing from the sky
Nature’s subtle fresh spring sound
Serenity and love reflecting through the soul’s eyes
I offer you, Grand Fathers, thy medicine
For I am honored to pray with you
Please bless my brothers and sisters who will drum for you
May you help their prayers follow through
Oh spirits of the East, South, West and North
Please guide us through our fears and hope
Speak to us the wind of wisdom
Shower us with strength to pursue our journey
Oh spirits of mother earth
Father sky and grandmother moon,
Here to celebrate with our Grandfathers,
Along with spirits of our souls within
I offer you all my blessings and THANKYOU for allowing us to sing
M’sit No’kama