22 of 31

I got to say… doing the 31in31 painting has become a daily task in the same category as brushing my teeth. I can’t skip it.

I don’t think I’ve really mentioned it before but there’s quite a few things that’s been happening this month which is out of my usual: last time I truly used brushes was over 10 years ago- i used knives. Same as acrylic- but that’s been a next to never before this month- with different palette colors.
I’ve gone WAY smaller- which I find really refreshing.
And ive officially done the most paintings i’ve ever done in 22 days.
Ooh and i’ve been wanting to do a bunch of animals again for a while now- so there’s another whammer for little joys in life.

“Piper”, 8×8, acrylic, 2023

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