5&6 in 31

It’s been very hectic yesterday and today- had a deadline on my reflexology course I took, our garlic that we have to sell and I was on the road today… ….excuses, excuses…. So, i didn’t create per say… BUT… i did write my 3 morning pages (from the Artist’s Way) , signed up for a … Continue reading 5&6 in 31

1 in 31

I felt compelled to paint one of the most positive person I’ve encountered in my life. A little ray of sunshine every time I talk to her. “Rayon de soleil”Sur le sentier, nos âmes croisés. Les larmes apaisées au soucie d’une maman. Un moment marquant. Visites occasionnelles, des yeux étoilés. L’amitié fleurie, au sourire de … Continue reading 1 in 31