I’m standing at a four way intersection. I feel like i’ve been here many times and i’m back to square one. But I was told that my car is different colors and more vibrant.

The longer I stare, additional roads seem to add up, confusing me even more. Wondering which direction to take, hoping God would hand me down a well defined map along with directions. But no. Part of this journey is having to figure things out on your own it seems. 

I’m hearing suggestions from others while wondering “why don’t I build my own road?”. One foot’s on the gaz peddle, the other, on the break. Wishing I could take the ditch instead, and abandon the car. But there are just too many places yet to be seen.

I’m trying to head towards the lakes. Another traveler had lined me up for this.  But maybe i’m not meant to drive to those waters on this section of this trip. Maybe i’m suppose to drive up in altitude towards the mountains?

As I sit here in my car…. A fresh wave of thought washes all my worries away:

“Each road leads to the same destiny, just different scenery. So why fear?”

So today, as I explore the options with an open heart, I enjoy the sunshine and soak in the love. For the love will drown my fears and illuminate my way

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