It’s not always rose and sunshine

  Sometimes the rain is more prominent than the rainbow

Sometimes there seems to be too many jellyfish to swim freely in the water

Sometimes you taste the pickle more than the burger

Sometimes this one mosquito disrupts the peaceful sound of sleep

Remember that without white, there would be no black. You would not know softness if hard didn’t exist. No generosity without selfishness. No happiness without knowing sadness. Love would not be known without fear. 

If only one side of the equation would exist, we wouldn’t have much to experience. Same goes if everything was perfect. So embrace those challenges and imperfections as they are a wonderful way to learn and grow.

Next time, you’ll probably take out the pickle,  you’ll learn to dance in the rain, and you’ll notice the water is jellyfish-free further out in the ocean.

And the mosquitos well… they will always remain little buggers.

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