440 feet of faith

Nous avons tous nos batailles contre le doute et la peur. Nous ne disposons pas toujours immédiatement des réponses. Mais parfois, vous avez juste à faire confiance et prendre un acte dans la foi. "Et si je tombe?". Si oui, vous vous levez, enlevez la poussière et essayez à nouveau, avec plus d'expérience. Mais vous … Continue reading 440 feet of faith

It’s not always rose and sunshine

  Sometimes the rain is more prominent than the rainbow Sometimes there seems to be too many jellyfish to swim freely in the water Sometimes you taste the pickle more than the burger Sometimes this one mosquito disrupts the peaceful sound of sleep Remember that without white, there would be no black. You would not know … Continue reading It’s not always rose and sunshine


    I'm standing at a four way intersection. I feel like i've been here many times and i'm back to square one. But I was told that my car is different colors and more vibrant. The longer I stare, additional roads seem to add up, confusing me even more. Wondering which direction to take, hoping … Continue reading Direction